Yahoo is a search engine and web directory that works with a large number of services, such as the highly visited email Yahoo! and the Yahoo! Messenger or chat service, among others of great utility, which in the same way handle communication and information via the internet. Next, you will be able to understand a little more about everything that this platform has to offer us as users

What is Yahoo good for?

This company has various platforms to be used in a special way through electronic means, for an open and spontaneous communication between different unknown users, but sure of having important information to make known among its participants.

It is a highly visited service among users from all over the world, especially from Latin America, which gives them the option of investigating different current affairs, such as journalism and entertainment, socializing among users, among other things.

This platform manages to merge different services that allow globalization in this field, be it in whatever language and from anywhere in the world, uniting users from their place of origin, which is what makes their participation in this service have such a boom and popularity.

Services available to Yahoo

There are many services that it offers us and from which we can get the most out of it, among which we can mention:

Yahoo Groups

Worldwide, it has been one of the largest collections of discussion on the internet through forums, this becomes part of the Yahoo service as an offer.

Yahoo Answers o Yahoo Respuestas

Users of this service are allowed interrelation to ask questions and answers formulated among themselves through an account created by the interested user, being in 12 languages ​​available for this purpose, less in cases such as Asia that uses another platform.

Yahoo Messenger

It is also known as Yahoo instant messaging (YIM), where the user participates using instant messaging. This application complements the mail and allows its participants in real time, send messages between them, as well as video calls if they wish or simply a text message.

Yahoo Mail o Yahoo Correo

This is the most widely used internet email for free worldwide under the form of webmail, but especially by Hispanics, whose main competition is pages such as: AOL, Gmail and Outlook. It is simply a mail user, who through this makes a web interface and it is made accessible to a browser, where millions of these users participate.

Yahoo Video (Screen)

It is a service created, which is strengthened since 2001 and starts as a search engine for videos on the internet for free, then new forms of growth came by uploading and sharing videos among its users, with the guarantee of being able to save them as favorites.

Yahoo Search the search engine

It is a service linked to email to save content, information and search histories, it is owned by Yahoo Inc. created as the second largest search engine on the web by number of visits, being organized by hierarchy.

It became a search interface portal, originally the tracking services were not performed directly by Yahoo, until 2004 when it achieved its independence, its strongest competitors being Ask and Google.

In 2009, Microsoft and Yahoo agreed to unify the Bing search engine, which previously belonged only to Microsoft, but from then until 2021, it will belong to both.

What is Yahoo!

This North American company is a globalized company with its headquarters in the US, founded in 1994 by two Stanford University students, David Filo and Jerry Yang, who after creating this great web directory of sites, only two years after signing, it started trading on the stock market in New York.

The term Yahoo !, which has attracted so much attention, is actually used by literature to name a wild and atrocious creature, called “Yahoos”; That’s how Filo’s father wanted to comment that his son and his partner Yang were two “Yahoos”, as he affectionately called them.

This company, formed focusing on the internet, was initially born as a web directory, ordering all the search elements by hierarchy, to later become a search engine and a directory, with a number of applications, existing an email system that is used to world level and interesting virtual stores.

Some time passed, where its growth among search engines was interrupted and its percentage of use fell, which turned it into a content portal.

This internet leader with millions of visitors per year, retains more than three billion daily visitors. In its country of origin it maintains its second place as the most visited website worldwide, only Google currently leads the position.

Features of Yahoo!

The main characteristics by which it differs from the others are:

  • It offers you sites free of viruses, spyware or spam, making safe searches.
  • It is integrated into microblogging systems such as twitter and offers you concepts related to the desired searches.
  • It relates the topic you want to the sites according to the type of search. For example, if you are looking for information about the FC Barcelona soccer team, it gives you the option to search the sports press, such as sports or sports world.
  • It allows you to search independently for any type of person, children or adults, varied news, sports, finances, music, shopping, videos and images according to the needs of each user who wants to travel, who seeks entertainment or education.
  • This service has unlimited storage.
  • All of these services are available in more than twenty languages.

Reviews on Yahoo

Yahoo! It is singled out among cutting-edge technology companies as one of those involved in the top-secret electronic surveillance program, in charge of US national security, according to reports leaked by the former informant and employee of the central intelligence agency. .

The best recommendation that can be given to learn more about this service is to join that great platform where you can become one of the millions of users who enjoy its characteristics, share this article so that others know in detail all the information and tell us about your experience using some of the options it offers you.

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