From the esoteric realm, stones and crystals are often used as amulets, so that they can be useful in different ways. Today we want to tell you about white quartz and we are going to show you what this crystal is used for as an amulet.

What is white quartz used as an amulet?

When using white quartz as an amulet, it is generally done based on its balancing properties. In this sense, it is a crystal that serves to balance the energies of the person who carries it, getting rid of all the negative energies that the person carries.

But it is also a crystal that serves so that the person can balance their energies around love. That is, on the one hand, it serves to recover from situations of heartbreak, such as breakups, divorces and loss of loved ones.

And at the same time, it serves to make visible the path of the person towards deep love, which can be love in general terms, such as love for the universe, but also the particular, towards true love, towards a person.

Finally, for this crystal to serve a person in these senses, it is said that it must be worn as a pendant and rose quartz on the chest.

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