Wheat germ is a food that provides us with a large amount of nutrients that are needed for the proper functioning of our body. Usually not all cereals are used in their entirety, since we are left with only a part.

The wheat germ is the most tender part that the grains of the plants have, in this way it can be very easily differentiated from all the rest. It is a very rich food and provides great benefits for our body in many places and aspects, we can highlight the wide contribution it offers of vitamin E, with this it is avoided that vitamin A can be destroyed, it also becomes an incredible regenerator of tissues. It is extremely useful, if what you want is that the muscles are always in optimal condition, as well as the walls of the blood vessels and the heart.

It has a high content of carbohydrates and proteins, due to that it can become an incredible and rich food for anyone, it provides a large energy dose, and it is a great food for the muscles. Thanks to all this, wheat germ is recommended in diets for athletes, in this way they have a better performance and make the most of everything it offers.

In addition to all the nutrients it has, you can add the high content of vitamin F, known as linoleic acid and you can have a better balance in our body, because it has a direct intervention in all the fat assimilation processes, apart collaborates with the assimilation of proteins and sugars.

It has a high content of vitamins that are part of group B, for this reason it is said that the presence of B1, B2 and B6 is remarkable. All provide a high amount of minerals.

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