WhatsApp is the name of the most popular messaging system in the digital age. It is used by means of mobile devices, such as cell phones, tablets and desktop computers, and has the particularity of covering all telephone or internet companies.WhatsApp is a program or application created by Jan Koum and Brian Acton, who solved a problem that seemed to get more and more complicated: that of the existence of so many different communication systems .

What is WhatsApp for?

WhatsApp stands out for the simplicity of its handling and for its universality . In addition, it allows you to send text messages and communicate in many other ways for free, as long as you have an internet connection.

WhatsApp is used to:

  • Send text messages without restriction of the number of characters
  • Send audio recordings for faster communication
  • Make video calls with contacts who also have it
  • Have a faster conversation and no distance limits
  • Put all devices in communication, regardless of your phone or internet company
  • Connect to all devices regardless of their brand

Although there are already numerous software for textual communication between devices, such as:

  • Kik Messenger
  • Palringo
  • eBBddy XMS
  • Nimbuzz

They offer their services for free or with the payment of a small fee, WhatsApp leads the way by having the following utilities:

  • Is free
  • It has been owned by the Facebook company since 2014, so it reaches a large number of users
  • Connect devices like BlackBerry, Android, iPhone, Nokia and Windows Phone
  • It is constantly improving in terms of the functions it offers: calls, text messaging, messaging by audio recording, video calls, contact availability information.

    With WhatsApp, we accelerate instant communication.

When a version of WhatsApp has been installed, whether it is free or paid, all contact information is automatically collected on your device. Once this is done, it will add to a list called “Favorites” all the users that are in your phone’s agenda.

When adding a contact to the phone book, WhatsApp will automatically add it to your record in the “Favorites” list.

As long as the WhatsApp application is installed on both the sending and receiving devices, the brand (Nokia, Blackberry, Samsung) or the telephone company with which they work does not matter. Free text messages can be sent , locally and abroad.

Although the use of WhatsApp for the phone is more common, there is also a version for PC . The latter is used with increasing frequency.

The PC version is a website called WhatsApp Web . It is extremely useful in the business and office environment, where it is required to be in constant contact with co-workers, customers and suppliers, without leaving the work area or changing devices . Everything is done from the computer, with a comfort that favors both the productivity of the user and does not distract him from his work.

How do you use WhatsApp on the PC?

To start using WhatsApp Web on PC, there are a series of steps to follow:

  • First of all, the address is accessed: https://web.whatsapp.com/ . Instructions for use and a QR code appear on the PC screen.
  • Have the device you use the most, such as your smartphone, on hand
  • On the smartphone, you have to go to the main screen of WhatsApp
  • On the smartphone, you click on the three vertical dots, which offer configuration options
  • In the list of configuration options, click on “WhatsApp Web”. A QR code reader appears
  • The smartphone camera is placed in front of the QR code displayed on the PC screen
  • Automatically, the website is synchronized with the smartphone, offering the messaging service on the PC on the screen. It is ready to use and communicate via the keyboard and computer screen.

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