In the What is it for today we bring you the uses and benefits of the habit of recycling and separating household waste. What is recycling

Recycling is a process whose objective is to convert waste into new products to prevent the disuse of potentially useful materials, reduce the consumption of new raw materials, reduce energy use, reduce air pollution (through incineration) and the water (through landfills) by reducing the need for conventional waste systems, as well as reducing greenhouse gas emissions compared to plastics production. Recycling is a key component in contemporary waste reduction and is the third component of the 4Rs (Reduce, Reuse, Recycle, Recover).

What elements are recycled?

Recyclable materials include various types of glass, paper, metal, plastic, fabrics, and electronic components. In many cases it is not possible to carry out recycling in the strict sense due to the difficulty or cost of the process, so the material or products are often reused to produce other materials. It is also possible to salvage components of certain complex products, either because of their intrinsic value or because of their dangerous natureTry it and leave us your comment.

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