Vinegar is usually only used to season some foods, but not everyone knows how many uses it can be. It is a kind of fermented liquid, which has been very precious for a great number of years, it has been discovered accidentally, when some products spoiled, and became very sour, such as beer, wine or cider .

It serves as a conditioner for our hair: it  is a natural product, extremely economical and leaves the hair very silky, it will obtain shine and a good cleaning. Through the apple cider vinegar variation, which should be used after shampooing. All the residues that are located on the hair shaft will also be eliminated and the cuticles will be closed.

You can get rid of weeds in the garden:  you do not have to spend large sums of money to buy poisons, vinegar is incredible to be able to kill everything you do not want in your garden or vegetable garden. What’s more, there is a vinegar that is even stronger, it is sold to be used in a horticultural way, and it has an amount of 25% acetic acid, and with this it will work better.

For stains on the sleeves:  several times there are sweat stains that are horrible, and they ruin one’s favorite clothes. Ironically, there are thousands of products that promise to clean them, and in reality what they end up doing is damaging them even more, you just have to spray a little white vinegar on the stain, before washing the garment, and it will be noticed very quickly how it disappears

For the throat:  you can dilute a tablespoon of vinegar in a cup with warm water, and then make several gargles, it will help a lot in irritating it.

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