This important part of the body is not very popular, it is one of the twelve nerves known as cranial, originating from the medulla oblongata reaches the liver and gives sensitivity to various organs located in the throat, ear, and stomach area.

What is it for?

According to the sayings of an important North American scientist, this nerve would be directly related to certain emotions such as compassion, it is the one that provides us with certain sensations in the chest area when we experience an exciting situation. It is connected to muscles in the area where the vocal cords are located, thereby participating in a decisive way in communication. Being one of the regulators of the parasympathetic nervous system, its stimulus provides relaxation and calm, using a neurotransmitter called acetylcholine that is linked to learning and memory, it also acts in the body reducing inflammation.

In relation to the above, a correct stimulation of the vagus nerve considerably lowers stress levels, increases relaxation and the feeling of calm. We proceed to its activation by means of a very easy breathing technique that consists of an abdominal inspiration, taking the air to the lower abdomen, holding it for 6 seconds and then exhaling it in the same amount of time. Performing the breathing explained above for a few minutes and regularly, you will see the benefits of the proper functioning of the vagus nerve.

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