Surely you have wondered what the small pocket of jeans is for . This 100-year-old mystery was finally unraveled by Levi’s, the first jeans brand.

The fifth pocket of the jeans is a very small pocket to place the hands, very uncomfortable to put the coins or the credit card … but what is that rectangular pocket that is sewn inside the right pocket of the jeans for? Many consider it uncomfortable, others useless, but in reality the brand had its reason for making them and today we tell you what it was invented for.

The secret of this mysterious little jeans pocket that exists since 1873 was revealed by Levi’s Strauss herself, who claimed to have created that “watch pocket”, that is, “small pocket” to contain the pocket watch, since in 800 those who used these jeans had chain watches and maybe some gold nugget. To prevent watches from breaking Levi’s at that time invented this small pocket that over the years was used for other purposes such as storing prophylactics, matches, lighters, some coins or a train ticket, bus, tram, etc. .

In the US, businessman Levi Strauss and tailor Jacob Davis created in 1873 a very functional garment, Levi’s brand jeans, which later became a rage in the world but were initially only used for work. These jeans were made with five pockets, among which was the small pocket we are talking about. In addition, the jeans had a leather detail on the back so that they would not wear out so easily. At that time, pocket watches were used, which were later supplanted by wristwatches at the beginning of the 20th century. Although that small pocket did not disappear because it was used for other purposes such as placing the Zippo lighter that had to be kept vertical so that it did not lose gasoline.

Youtube video with explanation of what the small pocket of jeans is for

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