Turmeric and dandelion are two herbs that have multiple properties separately, and why not unite them and benefit from both at the same time, taking an infusion of this combination of natural herbs every night before going to sleep

The dandelion is a plant that grows wild in the field and is characterized by its serrated leaves and its very characteristic yellow flower that is easily recognizable by all. If we have the opportunity to collect this plant in a clean place without contamination, we can add the fresh leaves to salads or use them to prepare the infusion for the night.

The spice turmeric is a spice which is widely used in Asian cuisine, and is characterized by its intense yellow color that is also used as a natural coloring, in the same way as saffron. We can add it in small quantities to any type of dish, even to sweet recipes such as puddings, custards or smoothies, since its flavor is not very strong and thus we will benefit from all its properties.

Daily infusion of turmeric and dandelion  lion

If we take an infusion of both herbs every night we would be acquiring both benefits, favoring the purification and regeneration of our organism at the same time that the risk of suffering from certain diseases is reduced and the symptoms of some that are had at that time are calmed. Taking it at night also facilitates liver regeneration.

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