According to surveys, half of the people sleep with their stockings on, whatever the time of year, but of course mostly in winter. This habit has positive and negative consequences, such as fungal infections, flaking, poor blood circulation if they squeeze a lot, do not allow the foot to rest and cool down and cause a bad odor when enclosed. The good news is that you can avoid this by wearing a new pair of socks at bedtime.

The Spanish Society of Neurology carried out a study in which it affirms that sleeping with socks on helps to achieve better sleep.

The ideal thing when we sleep is that our body temperature remains balanced throughout the night to rest well, at dawn the temperature drops, and the same happens in our body, that is why the clothes that one chooses to sleep are fundamental in this appearance. The use of stockings is healthy and necessary. It is the same as during the day, that if we have cold feet, the whole body is out of temper, so at night we need to keep the extremities warm. If the feet are hot, the veins dilate and the heat can spread throughout our body.

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