You’ve probably ever heard the classic trick and home remedy that involves placing your feet in a bowl of salted water. But although it is so named and known, many do not understand why this action is due, what it could do to our feet and what its benefits would be. But indeed this is a practice that can be very good for the feet, especially if it is understood that this is a part of the body that we all tend to forget and not consider that it supports all our weight every day. But today we want to unveil the mystery and in what follows we want to tell you what the purpose of putting your feet in salted water is.

What is the use of putting your feet in salted water?

Indeed, this long-standing practice has its benefits for the feet, and the good thing about it is that it is very effective and can also be done without spending a lot of money.

Starting to list its benefits, we must mention that putting your feet in a container of salted water serves to relieve them of all stress, helping them to relax when they are stressed. Along the same lines, it gives them freshness and serves to revitalize them and relieve them of fatigue.

In turn, it is a practice that improves circulation in the feet. It also helps to alleviate the problems of sweating and bad smell in the feet, at the same time that it softens the corns and calluses that can appear on the feet. We must not fail to mention that the salt water also protects the nails and feet and removes all the dead cells present on the skin of this part of the body.

How to make salt water baths for the feet?

In order to prepare these baths, which in addition to being an economical alternative is very quick to do and very effective, what you have to do is the following:

  • You are going to place warm water in a comfortable container to put your feet. We are going to add salt to it, sea salt if possible and if not what you have at home. What remains is to place the feet in this container and leave them there until the water cools. Then we remove them, rinse them with warm water and dry them.

One more tip, consists of massaging the feet with a moisturizer or some essential oil at the end of the salt water bath.

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