Meditation is a therapy compatible with the scientific method, in such a way that it can be said that the effects of the practice of this therapy on people’s bodies are scientifically proven.
E sta therapy stimulates self-healing, providing greater awareness and creativity, stimulates and strengthens the areas of the brain assigned to happiness and joy, also increases IQ and stimulates the entire immune system, among other benefits.


The objectives are more than anything based on what each person is looking for, the main ones are:

    • Mysticism : developing the consciousness of unity with the whole.
    • Mental rest : quiet the mind and free it from daily worries.
    • Creativity : clearing the mind to make it more creative.
    • Happiness : stimulate the areas of the brain assigned to happiness.
    • Health : stimulate the immune system and self-healing mechanisms .
    • Relax : release stress and anxiety and stay in a state of well – being .
    • Concentration : enhance the state of concentration and memory .
    • Intellect : increase intellectual capacities.


The practice of this therapy has certain very specific physiological effects on the body, which in turn have been demonstrated by science itself. This is a list of some benefits that meditation has :

    • Boost mental and physical health
    • Increase IQ
    • Develop emotional intelligence and empathy
    • Improve memory
    • Relieves stress, anxiety and depr esio n
    • Lowers blood pressure
    • Increase happiness (literally)
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Dr. Samantha Robson ( CRN: 0510146-5) is a nutritionist and website content reviewer related to her area of ​​expertise. With a postgraduate degree in Nutrition from The University of Arizona, she is a specialist in Sports Nutrition from Oxford University and is also a member of the International Society of Sports Nutrition.

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