Breathing is one of the vital activities of the human being, breathing represents vitality, the body does not survive for more than 4 or 5 minutes without air entering the body. Holorénic breathing is a cathartic breathing technique created by Dr. Fericgla in the 1980s. It arises from the combination of different doctrines, of yogic techniques called Kapalabhati, holotropic breathing and some shamanic techniques of this nature.

What is it for?

Holorenic breathing works on the hypothesis that by changing breathing rhythms, states of consciousness can be altered, and in particular those generated by this type of breathing generate certain capacities of the human being who are asleep, such as self-healing. The essential components to develop this technique are intense breathing and enveloping music, decisive when it comes to altering ordinary cognitive processes. The process to develop holorénic respiration consists of a deep deep breath in intense during several minutes that leads the body to hyperventilation and the decrease of the concentrations of carbon dioxide and oxygen. It proceeds in several stages with 3 minutes of rest between each one, meanwhile the person remains lying on a comfortable place, accessing higher levels of consciousness product of a dulling of the cognitive systems that lead to an important emotional liberation. It should be practiced with a therapist who understands and controls the session.

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