When a person says that he feels that his legs are tired, it is common for many others to recommend that he put them up, for example when he is lying down, put a pillow on the part of the feet and put the feet on it so that they are so. high. This is said to have many benefits, among which it is primarily known to be good for blood circulation in the legs and relaxation in general. But this is poor compared to the many other benefits they have and to delve into it, is that in what follows we will tell you what it is for to put your feet up.

What is the use of putting your feet up?

Starting to list its benefits, we must say that putting your feet up serves to improve circulation in the legs, especially because it helps when there is a lesser insufficiency in the legs.

In this sense, it serves to stimulate the veins so that the blood can return adequately to the heart, overcoming the disabilities that it may have, which makes the legs feel thoughtful, swollen and tired. So by normalizing this, that is, promoting good blood circulation, the legs will begin to feel lighter, rested and without so much inflammation.

How to put your legs up

One of the recommendations, which will help the benefits of lifting your feet for blood circulation in the legs, is to wear comfortable clothing when you do this exercise, because this helps to relax the body.
An alternative to putting this simple technique into practice is to slowly lift your legs and leave them in the air for about five seconds and with this time you can begin to feel the benefits. This can be done by alternating legs, one at a time, or both at the same time.

However, other people use it at night, before going to sleep, to place the pillow at the end of the bed and the legs on them so that they are elevated. In this case, the benefits are also the same, although there are many who recommend that the best way to take advantage of its benefits to the maximum is by lifting the legs slowly, as we mentioned recently, because this will not cause discomfort or fatigue, but rather the opposite is an exercise that generates pleasure and relaxation.

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