There are healthy routines that help us stay strong and improve our health, and those that are carried out especially in the morning on an empty stomach are the best since they help us start the day with the necessary energy to carry out all our activities.

Today’s novelty is about drinking a cup of hot water in the morning after getting up and before having breakfast. This healthy routine can bring us multiple benefits to our health that we will tell you below, It is hard to believe that something as simple as heating a little water and drinking it in a cup before eating other foods can bring us so many benefits, but that’s right, drinking a cup a day of hot water on an empty stomach will help you:

  1. Helps improve urinary tract health.
  2. It helps to better protect us against infections.
  3. Helps fight premature aging.
  4. Helps to improve the digestion process.
  5. Helps soothe menstrual cramps.
  6. Helps balance the nervous system.
  7. Helps to lose weight.

Now you know, drinking a cup of hot water in the morning every day before breakfast will help you to get these seven benefits for your health after a while.

Samantha Robson
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Dr. Samantha Robson ( CRN: 0510146-5) is a nutritionist and website content reviewer related to her area of ​​expertise. With a postgraduate degree in Nutrition from The University of Arizona, she is a specialist in Sports Nutrition from Oxford University and is also a member of the International Society of Sports Nutrition.

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