Spinal exercises are work used to strengthen the erector spinae and some other small muscles that stabilize the back. Strengthening these muscles is very important for a myriad of purposes, and doing lower back exercises correctly will reduce your chance of injury. You must bear in mind that this exercise is not safe for anyone and there are also some important things that should be considered before doing them.

Doing these types of exercises and in this way, increase your ability to coordinate some movements through the lower back sector. Some other improvements are related to a much stronger and more resistant back. All of these positive aspects lead to better posture, which is very important for the prevention of various injuries.

Some people should avoid doing spinals, for example those with herniated discs, as it could increase intervertebral pressure; Also those who have sensitive spinal nerves, should avoid them unless their doctor recommends it. Those who suffer from obesity or do not have control of their back are also prone to arching their back during execution. All of these people can do it on a dedicated spinal machine, until their back can handle a slightly heavier workload.

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