We already know that inflammation is a defense response that our body has against different causes such as an infection or damaged tissue. This inflammation can have an acute or chronic course, presenting long periods of pain, swelling and limitations when carrying out certain daily activities.

Nowadays, natural medicine is increasingly being sought, especially to treat inflammatory processes, that is why we bring you today this super effective idea. A strawberry, lemon and watermelon smoothie to fight inflammation.

Strawberries: Inflammation is a process that is always linked to C-reactive protein (CRP), a substance that if very high in our body can cause serious disorders, from a stroke to serious heart disease. This harmful protein for our body is also present when we suffer from osteoarthritis. To combat it, some Harvard University scientists indicate that consuming strawberries three or four times a week reduces the risk of heart attacks by fourteen percent. You can consume them natural or frozen and they will help you fight inflammation.

Lemon:  Lemon has an incredible ability to alkalize our body, which makes it ideal for many ailments and pathologies, but especially to combat inflammatory processes. A more alkaline body, that is, with a higher pH, better fights inflammation and infectious processes. Lemon raises our natural defenses, allowing our body to better defend itself against the attack of viruses and bacteria that produce multiple diseases. Lemons are very rich in potassium and vitamin C, two elements that are essential to strengthen the immune system and cope with the pain caused by osteoarthritis.

Watermelon: In  addition to being a delicious fruit, ideal to eat in the summer, it has many health benefits. It is a refreshing fruit and very low in fat, but with large amounts of folic acid among its components, potassium, magnesium and provitamin A. One of the main benefits it provides when consuming it is its diuretic action, which helps reduce inflammation. Thanks to its purifying action and its great capacity to increase the amount of urine, it is possible to eliminate the liquids that are concentrated in the inflamed tissues. The intense red color of this fruit is due to the content of beta carotene that it has, which is a powerful antioxidant, capable of dealing with the pathogens that attack the tissues of our body.

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Dr. Samantha Robson ( CRN: 0510146-5) is a nutritionist and website content reviewer related to her area of ​​expertise. With a postgraduate degree in Nutrition from The University of Arizona, she is a specialist in Sports Nutrition from Oxford University and is also a member of the International Society of Sports Nutrition.

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