Strawberries are very healthy fruits, perfect especially for children and athletes due to their high carbohydrate content. It also provides vitamins that slow down the aging of the skin and the appearance of degenerative diseases and tumors.

Strawberries are fruits with many calories and a large amount of water, which is a very good choice for hot summer days, to replenish our hydration, or on days when a lot of physical effort has been made. It also contains minerals that help improve blood circulation, and the hydric balance that our cells need for proper functioning.

It also has a great vitamin contribution, some of which have powerful antioxidant action, preventing premature aging of our skin.

It is a good choice for children to consume as it helps them concentrate better and develop their brain.

It is an essential food that we should include in our diet throughout the year. In the winter you can keep them for up to four days or a week without the need for a refrigerator, if there is heat in the environment if it is better to keep them in the refrigerator and there they will last up to a week, less in the case that it is summer, there they will be from three days to a week depending on the point of maturity of the fruit.

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