Pomegranate is a food very rich in polyphenols and has excellent anti-inflammatory properties that help clear clogged arteries to combat atherosclerosis.

A fact that not many know but that is very true is that pomegranates are more beneficial for the heart even than wine and green tea, and the key to this is in the polyphenols that it contains among its components.

Polyphenols reduce the risk of mortality. Pomegranates are that ally of natural origin that we must introduce into our diet to defeat the three greatest enemies of the arteries: hypertension, oxidative stress and cholesterol.

In 2014, studies were carried out at the Faculty of Pharmacy of the University of Barcelona (Spain), which resulted in the regular consumption of polyphenols reducing the risk of heart disease by between ten and twenty percent.

The juice based on pomegranates helps us clean the fat deposits located in the arteries and prevents them from hardening, reducing the suffering of atherosclerosis by 25 percent!

In addition to the aforementioned polyphenols, pomegranates contain other very beneficial substances for health, such as ellagitannins, or anthocyanidins, which optimize heart function thanks to their antioxidant powers. They also have flavonoids and pro-anthocyanidins that fight cell oxidation thus also reducing inflammation. The latter are found mainly in the skin of the fruit.

A very important fact, especially for those who go on diets, is that pomegranates will not make you gain weight, on the contrary, they very effectively regulate the accumulation of fat deposits.

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