Speaking of energy cleansing, or energy cleansing, we are referring to a whole series of rituals, methods, processes and ceremonies through which an attempt is made to expel and avoid the dominance of unbalanced vibrations, which disturb and provide a negative influence. the whole home, the objects in it and the aure of the people who live in it. But let’s not get ahead of ourselves here, because in what follows we will tell you what it is for to clean the home energetically.

What is the purpose of cleaning the home energetically?

Energy cleansing, on the one hand, is useful to free people from the negative and disturbing energy that surrounds them, which may have come to itself through the action of other people, by being in environments with bad energy or we may have caused them oneself .

But in addition to cleaning the home energetically, it serves so that the energy field of this space, as well as the objects present in it, can have a renewed and balanced energy.

It is also important to know that the home is a symbolic representation of oneself and therefore when cleaning it, we also clean the density of the energy field of the house that falls on those who live there.

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