The leek plant, has a large number of medicinal uses and healing applications, it is also an incredible food. This plant helps lower blood pressure, therefore it is recommended for those who suffer from hypertension.

Regular consumption of this plant helps improve blood circulation, which is why it is recommended for people with a family history of thrombosis. Also, it is diuretic, because it stimulates the elimination of fluids from the body, due to this it is very useful to treat cases of cystitis, nephritis and urinary infections.Leek has a large number of health properties, and simply by including this plant in your regular diet, you are already enjoying the main benefits.

It has hypotensive properties, which is why it is a good food for those who suffer from high blood pressure. It also helps improve the functioning of the circulatory system. The bulb of this plant has hypocholesterolemic properties, therefore its application is recommended in people who have cholesterol problems. In addition, it has incredible antiseptic and bactericidal properties, which is why it is extremely useful to treat different respiratory diseases. The digestive properties of this plant should be highlighted, since they stimulate biliary function.

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