Today we are going to talk to you about what the larynx is for, that is, what are its functions in the human body. First of all, it should be noted that it is a structural duct that is formed by the superposition of cartilaginous pieces that is covered by mucosa. Now, let’s see its main functions in the body of human beings …

What is the larynx for? Function in the human body

One of the main functions of this duct resides in the transfer of air from the pharyngeal cavity to the trachea. It is also responsible for preventing water or food from entering the lower respiratory tract, this being one of its main uses.

The third of the functions that this respiratory type conduit fulfills has to do with the production of vibrations in the air column that serves to convert them into sounds.

To finish, we want to point out the larynx is a conduit that has 2 valve actions. On the one hand, one that occurs in the laryngeal aditus and the other has to do with the part of the glottis.

We hope that this information about the pharynx, its formation and functions has been clear and useful.

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