Internet is a network that interconnects in turn to other computer networks throughout the world, using various means for this connection, such as cabling, radio waves, satellite, for example. It is, as such, a “network of networks”.It is based on several protocols, one of the main being htpip , a format that allows universal communication. Currently, one of the most used is http , topping the list among others.

What is the internet for?

Internet is a network that serves as the most used service for the circulation of information and commercial and employment contacts today, among many other functions.

Internet serves to:

  • Store data
  • Share information
  • As a means of communication
  • As a means of dissemination and propaganda
  • Increase the level of education
  • Various ways of entertainment

Store data

The Internet is a medium in which various types of data can be stored, thanks to the fact that it is a worldwide network and has thousands of servers. Large amounts of information can be stored on the hard drives of these servers.

There are companies that provide users with access, either free or paid, to servers with space for data storage.

Users who use this service must create an account on these servers, through the platform or website of the computer company that offers it.

In many of these servers, the free mode of storage has limitations in the amount of space available or the time in which it will be offered. To improve customer benefit, these companies give the possibility of increasing space and availability, creating Premium paid accounts, whose hiring is optional.

Share information

The Internet is an effective tool for sharing large amounts of information. It is used by companies or individual users to make electronic data and digital files available to more users, through the same storage systems (such as Google Drive, OneDrive, iCloud, Dropbox) or by exposing them on web pages.

It can be scientific archives such as videos or articles, material for entertainment or work documents, which can be reached among Internet users with currently great speed.

As a means of communication

The Internet is an extremely powerful way of communication today.

On the internet, communication can take place through messages, emails, chats, and audio and video calls.

It is an excellent alternative for information media such as television and radio companies to broadcast news, advertisements and propaganda .

Thanks to its effectiveness, the internet has become a medium for the free expression of ideas , with websites dedicated to the various aspects of thought, politics, religion, etc. With these sites receiving visits from supporters or interested in the central theme, constant traffic is generated on the internet.

The Internet serves as a means of dissemination and propaganda

Internet is a medium that, having millions of users accessing it, serves for businesses, industries and companies in general to promote and advertise their products or services . Thus it is also a very effective means of propaganda for social, political and religious organizations and institutions.

There is no better option than the internet for an organization, whether lucrative or not, to make itself known and become relevant in the world, so that its potential clients, supporters or suppliers take it into account when requiring a product or service that is among those it offers.

Increase the level of education

Government institutions, private and public schools and individuals turn to the internet as a tool to improve educational quality . This is thanks to the fact that various academic materials can be stored, shared and used , such as electronic books, audio, videos, documentaries, interactive programs and applications, as well as compendia of websites dedicated to this field.

Various ways of entertainment

Internet has the ability to contain, distribute and run a multitude of multimedia files, books, music, videos, games, with which users can have a way of entertainment for an indefinite amount of hours.

It is widely used worldwide by companies focused on entertainment to put their audiovisual products, electronic books, videos, music, movies or video games for sale.

Brief history of the internet

The Internet put everything one click away.

The Internet is a set of networks that brings together other computer networks , distributed around the planet. It was created in 1969 by the United States Department of Defense, as a project with the name ARPAnet, and with the function of a communication network.

It was capable of continuing to operate under extreme conditions such as war, as it did not have a centralized neural point , but rather several networks that were linked into a functional whole.

The information was not concentrated in a single machine or geographic location, but was spread out on various interconnected computers around the world.

Later, in the 1980s, ARPAnet was divided into ARPAnet and MILnet , and both communicated through DARPA INTERNET (acronym for Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency), which over time has been reduced to INTERNET.

In the mid-1980s, five centers with “supercomputers” were established, thus creating a new network along with the others already interconnected. The current internet thus arose , having a commercial opening to it, through email providers, database services and file transfer services, ARPAnet being dismantled in 1990 , and leaving the internet as the global network of interconnected computers. which is in recent years.

The Internet is a technological tool with great promise for the present and the future.

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