Hyperloop is the transportation concept that has revolutionized the world of high-speed transportation. It is a system that has Elon Musk as its ideological brain. In what follows we want to talk to you about it and that is why in what follows we will tell you what the hyperloop is for.

What is the Hyperloop for?

As we mentioned, it is a transport system, which has the characteristic of moving people and other loads, for example merchandise, in a capsule at high speed.

Therefore, it is a system that, although it is still a concept because it is not developed, it does not take long for this to happen, since the first trial designs are about to be implemented.

So, the hyperloop is a fast land transportation system that serves, or rather will serve to transport people, between 20 and 30 people at an ultra-fast speed, which exceeds 1,200 kilometers per hour. But it is also useful to be able to transport other loads such as merchandise for example.

Finally, it should be noted that the way to move these capsules that will be transported by people and cargo, is through a network of terrestrial pipelines.

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