Today, in this post we are going to delve into the world of motorsport and that is why we are going to continue telling you how the different parts of a car work. In this opportunity, we are going to tell you what the distribution of a car is for. 

What is the use of distributing a car?

It is a key element of the ignition system of a car, especially those that are made with gasoline.

The function of this element is to send high voltage voltage, which starts from the coil and goes to the spark plugs, which triggers the spark that is generated by the mixture in the fuel chamber, which causes the pressure to rise. in it, making a kind of push towards the piston, which pulls it out, and thus produces useful work that is transmitted to the connecting rod and then to the crankshaft.

All this journey is what is known by the name of expansion or explosion.

Finally, we want to mention that it is an element that has a certain durability, since it is recommended that it be checked every 25 thousand kilometers, since in case of wear or bad conditions it is necessary to replace it.

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