The dandelion is a common herb of the floral type. He has the ability to be able to believe wildly anywhere. However, with its short-lived white flowers, it has a host of medical benefits.

It has been used as a healer and also preventive of various diseases, for thousands of years. It is one of the herbs that is still studied today through Western medicine.

It helps the optimal functioning of our liver:  at the root of this herb, it is known as it can prevent hemorrhages that are generated in the liver, although it is also known that it can collaborate with the purity of the blood and with the flow of bile, the latter is a fluid that is regulated by the liver, and has a very important role within it.

Helps against acne and eczema:  the juice of this herb will serve as a stimulant in the case of acne, as a detoxifier, antioxidant and diuretic, it can combat all those toxins that do not allow hormones to be balanced. Usually the toxins end up sweating through the skin.

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