Many times we hear the popularity of the coca leaf in mountainous areas, in the What is it for today we delve into the properties, uses and utilities of this plant so popular mainly in Andean areas.

What is it?

The specific name of the plant from which it comes is Erythroxylum coca, it is native to the Amazonian Andean areas. The part of the leaf is used mainly since ancient times, from the second century BC, as an analgesic and stimulant by the Inca cultures, and was later promoted by the Spanish conquerors to extend the daily hours of work to which they subjected the peoples original.

What properties does it have?

The coca leaf contains mainly vitamins and trace elements, and can be a great complement to the daily diet, also containing fats, carbohydrates, beta-carotene, vitamin C, vitamin E, among others. On the other hand, this plant has a moderate content of cocaine in the fresh leaves and some other alkaloids such as methylecgonine, benzoylecgnonine, although it is worth clarifying that the absorption of this substance through the consumption of the coca leaf is not done with the same faster than the other more purified forms of consumption, presenting no risk of addiction.

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