C-cleaner is a free application, which is designed primarily to help improve the performance of computers that have the Windows operating system. How do you do this? Through the expulsion of unnecessary files, invalid entries, and even the uninstallation of certain programs, which are what saturate the computer, thus allowing a perfect performance of the computer.

It has different versions, which are constantly updated, always with free downloads. It also has the option to install in the language you want. It is a program specified in the optimization of computer equipment, improving the system from different points of view, either by eliminating files and folders, expelling “junk” files but in a definitive way.

It is used to free up hard disk space by deleting unnecessary files. In turn, by deleting those unnecessary files, it helps various programs run faster. Also, this application has the tool to eliminate cookies, these tend to slow down Internet browsing and also take up a lot of space. Besides, it has different tools and options to repair the entire system, either by detecting some faults and giving suggestions for their correction, or by deleting them.

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