The Buscapina is a medicine antispasmodic , ie, which is responsible for combating the pain caused by muscle contractions, also called spasms or cramps . This drug, whose scientific name is butyl- scopolamine, is chemically derived from scopolamine, and its active part is hyoscine n-butyl bromide.The n-butylbromide hyoscine is an antispasmodic substance extracted from a plant belonging to the genus ” duboisia “. This drug is not an analgesic, as it does not act by masking pain, but by directly attacking the cause of pain , which is muscle spasms in the digestive tract, in visceral smooth tissue.Buscopan is commercially available in tablet form, for oral consumption for human patients. The form of this drug in ampoules is reserved for veterinary uses, since in this there are usually high doses.

What is the busker for?

Buscopan is an ideal medicine to treat muscle spasms, eliminating the root problem and also the consequent pain.

It serves to:

  • Eliminate pain from muscle spasms
  • Eliminate food pain
  • Eliminate gastrointestinal stress pain
  • Treat irritable bowel

Eliminate pain from muscle spasms

Buscopan works by eliminating pain caused by muscle spasms in the digestive tract, the bile ducts and uric ducts, as well as the genital tract. Its activity directly affects the reduction of spasms in the smooth muscle tissue of these organs.

As a consequence, the cause of colic in these areas disappears. This drug is also usually prescribed to treat pain related to menstruation.

Eliminate food pain

Buscopan is effective in eliminating pain caused by the consumption of specific foods, which attack the digestive system. Among them are:

  • Very acidic fruits or dishes
  • Alcoholic drinks
  • Caffeinated foods
  • Irritating or spicy foods

Digestive tissue that comes in contact with these foods can become inflamed, worn, or irritated, causing painful muscle spasms. This drug is responsible for stopping this response, eliminating the main problem.

Eliminate gastrointestinal stress pain

Gastrointestinal pain, when it does not occur due to poor eating habits, occurs as a response to stress and anxiety situations that are somatized , that is, they manifest themselves at a bodily level.

The consequence of these extreme situations is the involuntary movement of the gastrointestinal smooth tissue , causing spasms or painful contractions. This condition is called “nervous stomach”, because it has its cause in anxiety.

Buscopan is responsible for moderating this reaction in the muscle, producing relief in a short time.

Treat irritable bowel

Buscopan is effective in treating ailments such as irritable bowel, relieving pain derived from colic that accompany this condition.

Contraindications of buscopan

This drug can be found alone or in combination with other medications, either in the form of capsules, pills, and even injections.

The dose of buscopan should be indicated and administered by a doctor, since despite being an over-the-counter drug, it is easy to abuse it in its consumption, and this can be harmful. The risks exist, both when applying it in excess and when supplying it for a long time.

Special care must be taken when administering it to patients in the following conditions:

  • Pregnant women: Although there is no scientifically determined danger to the fetus, precautions are indicated in the consumption of buscopan for pregnant women. The health condition of the patient in question warrants constant observation.
  • Lactation: It is noted that buscopan, being an anticholinergic drug, can inhibit milk secretion, so special caution is recommended in its administration in lactating women. In any case, the drug is unlikely to be ingested by the newborn through milk. Buscopan has low fat solubility, a factor that prevents it from being transmitted in this way.
  • People with poor absorption of sugars: Buscopan, as it contains sucrose in its composition, is contraindicated in people with poor absorption of carbohydrates (sugars), such as glucose and galactose. Also if they suffer from fructose intolerance, and sucrase-isomaltase deficiencies.
  • Patients with narrow-angle glaucoma
  • Patients susceptible to intestinal obstructions
  • Patients prone to urinary obstructions
  • Patients prone to tachycardias: Tachycardia, also called tachyrhythmia, is the heart rhythm disorder in which the heart accelerates.
  • Patients with inconvenient age: The factor of the patient’s age must be considered, since in the elderly the elimination of metamizole metabolites, contained in Buscopan Compositum, is very delayed.
  • Patients with kidney and liver dysfunctions: If the kidneys and liver are not in proper working condition, it is better not to administer buscopan. It is through these organs that the residues of the drugs that act in the body are eliminated. If there are problems of this category, the expulsion of substances is complicated.
  • Patients with megacolon and myasthenia gravis

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