As sometimes happens with many ingredients that we use in the kitchen, which can also be useful outside of it, because they can be used for medicinal or beauty purposes, the same thing happens with baking soda. This is a very inexpensive ingredient, known above all for its culinary uses, but also for its medicinal uses. Today we want to talk to you about it, but beyond its uses in the kitchen, because we want to tell you what baking soda is for on the skin.  If you want to know its incredible uses in cosmetics, we invite you to continue reading.

What is sodium bicarbonate in the skin for?

Sodium bicarbonate has proven to be an ingredient with powerful and beneficial properties for our skin. In this sense, it has properties that work naturally as an exfoliator, which can get rid of dead cells that lie on our skin and make it look bad.

To do it as an exfoliant, you have to combine three parts of baking soda with one part of water and rub this preparation directly on the skin and when finished, you will see that your skin will be fresher, clearer and above all smooth.

On the other hand, baking soda can serve as a natural deodorant. This is because it works as a powerful neutralizer that is effective in quenching unpleasant odors from perspiration. To use it in this sense, you have to add half a cup of this ingredient in the bath water and bathe with it.

For those who suffer from acne, baking soda can also be of great help. In this case, what is suggested is to make a preparation combining the bicarbonate with a few drops of lemon. You are going to apply this paste directly on the skin affected by acne and it is important to do this treatment at night, because exposure to the sun could cause spots on the skin.

Finally, because it has a rough texture, baking soda can be very effective in eliminating blackheads that usually appear on the face. Here what you should do is mix the bicarbonate with a little milk and apply the preparation directly on the affected area and leave 15 minutes for it to act, and then rinse with warm water.

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