kype is a program dedicated to long-distance communication , and it stands out among the wide range of platforms that offer this service. It was created by Janus Friis and Niklas Zennstrom in 2003.It is a cybernetic communication system that works through an internet connection. It provides the user with functions such as sending text messages , interaction by sound ( phone calls ), video calls, and data and document transfer.Downloading the free version of Skype gives you access to its simplest tools, and to operate it with a greater capacity it is necessary to purchase it in the paid mode. The cost is quite acceptable and optimizes user activities.

What is Skype for?

Skype’s main function is to communicate with other users who are anywhere in the world , through a computer or smartphone.

It serves to:

  • Interact by PC or smartphone
  • Reduce costs and increase work efficiency
  • Call landlines or cell phones
  • Partner with social media

Interact by PC or smartphone

Skype is a means of communication that allows two people to contact each other from different geographical locations, relying on their personal computers or smartphones.

This is a simple alternative, as the device screen enhances the calling experience.

Skype replaced Microsoft’s Messenger in 2013 as an internet-based messaging service. It has free and paid versions and offers great connectivity to communicate live.

Reduce costs and increase work efficiency

With Skype there are two main advantages:

  • Its use is economical as it depends only on an internet signal and an electronic device that perceives it.
  • By offering communication in real time, it makes work contact efficient.

An example can be given: Jaime is a worker who works in Mexico City and Santiago, his boss, lives and works in Spain.

Due to the way they carry out their work, they need to be constantly communicated and exchanging reports between both countries.

The boss will be able to receive the reports at any time, either through Skype or thanks to partnerships with social networks. Everything can be instantaneous despite the distance that separates him from Jaime.

The efficiency that Skype offers is also projected for people who are traveling and want to continue talking with all their relatives from another point of the planet. You do not need a large outlay for this great advantage.

Call landlines or cell phones

Skype, allows you to communicate by PC or Smartphone

When the payment method is acquired, it is possible to use Skype to make calls to conventional telephones , whether they are landlines or cell phones.

In order to reach the moment to initiate communication with the other user, it is necessary to wait a short time for the program to set itself up; that is why it would be inconvenient during a crisis or emergency.

Partner with social media

Skype has the advantage of being able to associate with social networks like Facebook, Twitter, etc. Thus, the user’s contacts present in those can be synchronized .

A broader and simultaneous contact is also achieved, sending messages and responses through Skype and social networks.

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