SimSimi is the name of an application that has recently gone viral, since in a short time many people have downloaded it and started having fun with it. In general terms, it is an artificial intelligence app, which many resemble WhatsApp but in reality it has notable differences. That is why today we want to refer to it and in what follows we will tell you what Simsimi is for.

What is SimSimi for?

At present it is one of the apps with the most downloads in the application store and, as we anticipated, it is an artificial intelligence application that specifically serves so that its users can establish conversations with it. Let’s see how this is.

That is, it is an application through which its users speak alone or with the application and not with another person. Therefore, SimSimi is used to have conversations with the apps where the user asks questions and the apps respond, based on a series of written words and the database they have.

The great popularity of apps these days is probably due to the fact that their responses are from a sense of humor and sometimes even include bad words.

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