The Microsoft Silverlight program is an add-on or plugin , which belongs to the Microsoft company. It was designed for the Windows operating system, and released in 2007 in a free version.Silverlight is XML-based and programmed for the creation and development of applications, for use on the web. It offers functions such as playing videos , and making and running animations and graphics , just like Adobe Flash does.Although it can be used from the Windows desktop, the Silverlight versions are more focused on working in the Windows phone environment, for the creation of specialized applications. The latter are generally focused on the field of business .

Applications created using Silverlight work on mobile devices or personal computers with the Windows operating system.

What is Microsoft Silverlight for?

Microsoft Silverlight has multiple utilities in terms of interaction through the web. It serves to:

  • Create multimedia applications
  • Trade on mobile devices
  • Create advertising and web ads
  • Help business growth
  • Improve 3D graphics
  • Design capture applications
  • Create PC applications
  • Improve and insert animations in web pages
  • Create web videos
  • Develop videogames
  • Work its functions in other operating systems
  • Have compatibility with other programming languages
  • Improve the performance of webcams and microphones
  • Improve text quality on mobile devices
  • Correct audio files

Create multimedia applications

With Microsoft Silverlight you can create web applications , thanks to the fact that it is based on a special language for the web, XML. Improves the performance of graphics and multimedia resources, such as animations, videos, gif and audio.

Speeds up viewing of such files on devices that typically don’t have high processing power and memory, such as smartphones and tablets.

Improves performance and distribution of system resources when running multimedia.

Trade on mobile devices

Microsoft Silverlight installation window

Silverlight specializes in creating applications for mobile devices, which use Windows, such as the Windows phone. It adapts them to improve the performance of multimedia files.

Create advertising and web ads

One of the ways in which Silverlight can serve us is by allowing the creation of various advertisements suitable for the web, such as banners and other types of them, which help us to advertise and promote products and services offered by numerous companies.

Help business growth

Silverlight is an ideal technology to support businesses and businesses, thanks to the aforementioned function on advertising creation, and the possibility to develop tools and applications for these sectors. The consequence of using this program is an increase in commercial reach through the web.

Improve 3D graphics

Applications developed with this technology allow a notable improvement in 3D graphics that run on mobile devices such as Windows phone. The user experience is kept at an acceptable level with this tool.

Design capture applications

Silverlight is useful for designing capture applications, which are those that involve the use of tools such as cameras and microphones . The program improves the performance of these, in aspects such as the zoom of the webcam. Everything can be developed in the environment of the Windows phone operating system and other mobile devices.

Create PC applications

Silverlight allows the creation of applications such as “desktop”, special for the Windows 8 environment on personal computers, improving in various technical aspects the management of audio, video and graphics resources.

Improve and insert animations in web pages

Silverlight allows the user to create multimedia applications intended for use on the web, similar to Flash. It is possible to develop and insert animations on internet pages, as “embedded” elements. They can come in banner format, and even games.

Develop videogames

Microsoft Silverlight

With Microsoft Silverlight, game development can be carried out, both for use on the Windows phone device or on the web.

Work its functions in other operating systems

Although it is designed for Microsoft company products, Silverlight allows the creation and development of applications compatible with other corporations’ browsers, increasing the use of multimedia elements in programs such as Mozilla Firefox, Safari and in the Mac OS operating system.

Have compatibility with other programming languages

Silverlight is compatible with Visual Basic, AJAX, Python and .NET programming languages, allowing multimedia handling on a wide range of devices.

Improves the performance of audio, video, etc. items. within the variety of web browsers.

An advantage of this program is that the applications created in it can be run, either within a browser or in the Silverlight window itself.

The limitation in Silverlight compatibility occurs with operating systems such as Linux or Android, among others. The web blurb created in this Microsoft program is not displayed in those.

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