Rue is a shrub of approximately 80 cm., Very aromatic, with greenish-yellow flowers, and leaves with a spicy flavor of a light green color. It is native to the eastern Mediterranean countries and Asia Minor, and it usually grows wild in dry, rocky places and is usually cultivated in gardens.

This has been considered toxic, however for centuries it has been used as a medicine, since when used in its proper proportions it does not represent any health risk. It is also used in culinary art.

Used in high doses it can be toxic and should never be used during pregnancy as it is abortion.

Ruda benefits and properties

Circulatory system:  tones the arteries and protects the capillaries. It is used to treat varicose veins and edema for example.

Digestive system : Prevents indigestion, gas, intestinal burning and stomach heaviness, if used in highly diluted infusions after meals. It is also recommended for cases of diarrhea or stomach cramps in children.

Female reproductive system: it  favors menstruation due to its very powerful emmenagogue capacity.

Nervous system : It has a sedative effect, reducing anxiety and stress.

To lose weight : It acts on the kidney by stimulating diuresis and has an antioxidant effect, which stimulates the release of fatty acids that are deposited in adipose tissue.

Also good for gum disease, fainting, cramps, nervousness. cataracts and other eye diseases, epilepsy and digestive diseases such as stomach cramps and diarrhea

Against indications:

As mentioned above, it affects pregnancy as it stimulates the myometrium blocking the implant of the fertilized egg, and it is also abortigenic.

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