From rosemary you can make tea, and it is used a lot to be able to oxygenate and improve our brain, in addition you can obtain great relief in the pains that occur in the joints, muscles and bones. It has the possibility of being able to reduce the symptoms of anxiety a little, it also promotes the general well-being of our body, and has other interesting benefits, due to the analgesic effect it has.
With the tea of ​​this herb , you have the possibility of helping with some digestive problems that you may have, it even helps a lot in the occasions that you have everything and have any type of flatulence. What you should do is drink rosemary infusions, and it is recommended to do it after having eaten food.

Another thing in which rosemary tea helps us is in reducing any type of pain, specifically those of women in the period, it is also known that it greatly facilitates blood emptying, in this way any type of pain can be avoided. collateral problem that may be caused by this cause.

It is also known that Romeo has an immense amount of iron, in this way it becomes an ideal ally for people who are struggling against anemia.

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