Before knowing what the functions of a RAM memory are, we should define what this tool is about. It is a type of memory that is used by computers in order to store different types of data and information, which you will then need to access quickly, as is the case with programs. It is important not to confuse it with hard drives, since although they have storage in common, the way each one is used by the computer is different. Next we will tell you what the RAM is for.

What is RAM memory for?

We must make it clear that RAM is one of the most important parts of a computer, since it interacts permanently with the processor exchanging different types of data that the latter needs.

As we mentioned, RAM memory serves to store data and have it quickly. In this sense, when a computer program is executed, the information for it to start working is stored in this memory. In this way, with the execution of the program, data, information and instructions are transmitted to the processor necessary for execution.

Therefore, the function of RAM memory is to store this information and send the processor the data that it requires to process.

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