Microsoft Office PowerPoint is a program designed to create slide shows .Such slides can be made up of texts, images, animations and contain audio and video to complement the material to be exhibited. PowerPoint offers the user tools to create, modify and add a format to their liking.

With this program, detailed editing of the presentations is possible, to the point where, for example, the time that a slide lasts on display is established, to move to the next one. With these options, you can add an audio that simulates a reading aloud of the text.

What is PowerPoint for?

The main objective of PowerPoint is for the user to  prepare and create slide shows , useful for communicating the material they expose to their audience. This is accomplished using the templates and settings of the program.

In addition, it offers the option of saving the document in various formats, in addition to the native formats of the program, which are “.ppt”, “.pptx” and “.pps”. It can be a “.pdf” format, so that the presentation is protected from editing. Thus it is possible to assign it for distribution or whatever purpose is required.

The scopes that PowerPoint serves are variable.

Powerpoint is used to create presentations in many areas such as:

  • Accounting
  • Science and research
  • Government programs
  • Projects management
  • Education
  • Advertising
  • Information dissemination
  • Instructions


This program is used for the detailed exposure of accounting balances , either in daily or weekly, monthly, semi-annual, annual terms. Companies collect the most relevant information in slide presentations, expressing the factors that influence economic fluctuations.

A PowerPoint presentation is the most versatile way to confine this data, and as a single file, it is possible to send everything together by email to executives who are geographically far away.

Science and research

PowerPoint presentations allow the results collected throughout a research process to be condensed into their slides . Bibliographic citations, data tables, reference charts, formulas, and technical information can be added to them.

Industry, engineering, and architecture turn to PowerPoint in this regard.

Government programs

Government authorities use PowerPoint slide presentations to provide citizens with information about a social program, an institution, a service for communities, among other data.

An attempt is made to place in them a digestible text for the entire population.

Projects management

This program serves to expose projects of diverse nature, from their approach, development, requirements, experimental phases, results (if there are any) and conclusions. It can be in the economic, social and industrial fields, being a very useful tool to make detailed proposals that seek the approval of a jury or a financing institution.

We try to use a generalized language that does not contain so many technicalities that affect the understanding of the presentation.


PowerPoint is used to make presentations.

PowerPoint is a great support for the educational sector, since slide presentations are a suitable medium and serve to capture and explore the knowledge of the subject in question. This is how the content of the program is currently being approached.

It is common to combine the text with videos and various audiovisual materials, so that younger students pay attention and have fun while learning.


PowerPoint is widely used as a propaganda medium across the board. Slide presentations have countless applications, such as containing political campaign itineraries , catalogs of companies that sell jewelry or household items, the range of hotel services , among many others that are extremely useful.

These presentations, which are usually protected from editing, can be distributed all over the internet. They can be linked on a web page for interested users to download with a single click.

Information dissemination

This program serves to spread news and express facts in different areas. Presentations can be used so that workers in a company find out about a group of standards to be applied, or about a new quality management system.

It can also be scientific articles, compilations of news in magazine format or communications of various kinds.


Thanks to the fact that it allows you to add images, video, diagrams and a large amount of material, PowerPoint is ideal for preparing instructions with your slides, explaining in detail how devices or computer programs should be assembled and operated.

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