Ostarine is a selective androgen receptor modulator (SARM). It was developed by the pharmaceutical company GTX to help treat muscle wasting. Ostarine has the ability to increase and maintain lean muscle mass by binding its androgen receptors in the same way as prohormones or anabolic steroids, but without the side effects.

Ostarine is currently the most popular SARM for building muscle. You can expect 7 to 15 pounds of muscle gains over several weeks. It works by targeting androgen receptors found in bone and muscle without affecting the other organs in your body. Also, it won’t turn into unwanted hormones that you can expect from steroids. Let’s take a detailed look at the specific benefits of Ostarine.


Ostarine is one of the best supplements in the bodybuilding industry and the secret to its impressive success lies in its three key aspects.

Very few SARMs can match the highly effective nature of Ostarine when it comes to defining. This supplement is one of the best options for those looking to safely reduce body fat without interfering with lean muscle mass. Eating a diet to reduce body fat generally means burning more calories or even reducing your intake. In fact, this will help decrease body fat, but unfortunately it also puts your muscles at risk. Using Ostarine in conjunction with such a diet and proper training regimen ensures that your muscle mass is protected while reducing fat.

The bulge is Ostarine’s next popular feature. Clinical trials show that using 1-2 mg of Ostarine for twelve weeks is enough for you to gain 3 pounds of lean muscle mass and this does not even take into account a change in lifestyle, improving your training schedule. Therefore, if you use this SARM with an intensive training plan, the benefits are even better and will be achieved in a much shorter period of time.

Finally, we have to talk about the compound’s ability to treat osteoporosis. Ostarine is perfectly formulated to improve your bone density. By doing so, you get rid of the brittleness and weakness of the bones. As your bones become strong, osteoporosis becomes less of a concern. This also means that you will get more protection against injury during workouts and in your daily routine.

This SARM uses the anabolic effects on muscle tissues. This ability makes it a good option for treating muscle wasting ailments. Besides healing, it is very effective in building muscles. It is considered good for bodybuilders, athletes, and anyone who is interested in muscle building. It also works as an agent to reduce degeneration during the recovery process from any serious surgery or any other similar condition.

GTx did a lot of research and experimentation for Ostarine before putting it on the market. He has conducted a four-month IIb trial with 159 patients. All of them have shown a significant difference. They have a complete boost in total muscle mass compared to the other supplements and methods. When it comes to bodybuilding, users found it very helpful as it helps improve lean muscle mass and even muscle strength. The product is highly appreciated by users for muscle building and more endurance.


Increase lean muscle mass

Is increasing muscle mass your main goal? If the answer is yes, you should definitely try Ostarine. MK 2866 has been shown to be quite effective in increasing lean muscle mass. As mentioned above, you can expect 7-15 pounds of muscle gains over several weeks. By targeting the androgen receptors in your body, Ostarine will only increase the size of your muscles, without affecting other parts of your body.

Burns fat

In addition to increasing lean muscle mass, MK 2866 is a powerful product for fast fat burning. One problem many athletes and bodybuilders face is the fact that dieting mostly results in loss of muscle mass. This is where the product comes into play. Due to its muscle preservation capabilities, it burns fat without diminishing muscle mass. Ostarine is an excellent product to prevent atrophy.

Improve strength

If you are an athlete or bodybuilder, your success will largely depend on the quality of your muscles and their strength. This product has been found to be ideal for athletes and bodybuilders and also those who like to look good. So even if you are a fitness fan, you have many reasons to give this product a try. In addition to helping build muscle mass, it will also help your muscles get stronger. Therefore, you will be in a much better position to perform well in your respective sports arena. For non-athletes, it might be helpful to have muscles that not only look good but also have the strength required to perform tough jobs.

Increase muscle recovery

As an athlete, bodybuilder, or even a fitness fan, you have to rely heavily on workouts, which can be stiff and demanding at times. You can often end up with nagging injuries once the training session is over. If you have a competition to come these injuries can be a real pain in the ass. In such situations, you can turn to this product and it has a proven track record when it comes to speeding up the healing process. There are studies to prove this. The impact of MRSA on healing injuries is quite impressive according to doctors and fitness experts. It is particularly useful when it comes to tendon and bone injuries.

Improves stamina

Ostarine has the ability to increase your endurance, which will allow you to perform longer training reps, train harder, and therefore get stronger and bigger.

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