Oregano is a small plant that is used primarily as a condiment. The leaves come from a shrub of about 40 centimeters, and are oval in shape with entire edges. They are generally left to dry to have a better aroma and flavor. It is said that the plant is native to the Mediterranean areas, although it can currently be found anywhere in the world.

By letting its leaves dry, it can be used as a tea, which has several benefits for our body, for example, it is one of the best stimulants for the stomach, doctors prescribe it when suffering loss of appetite, or digestion problems and flatus.

Neuropaths recommend it for chronic bronchial problems and also for asthma. It has been scientifically proven that it is carminative, antiseptic, sudorific, and antispasmodic, because of that it helps our body to remove toxins that are ingested daily.

This tea is a great nutritional fort, and is recommended to people suffering from anemia or malnutrition. Thanks to the high content of vitamin K, it keeps our bones very healthy, and it also has large amounts of fiber and antibacterial properties.

Other studies that have been conducted confirmed that this product can be used to fight certain bacterial infections.

In addition, oregano tea is used for external diseases, to relieve rheumatic and joint pain, various postural discomforts, and you can also make preparations with dried leaves, to combat cellulite problems, because of that it helps to improve the circulation of our blood, when applied externally to the body.

Finally, exclusively for women, thanks to the fact that it is an incredible emmenagogue, it facilitates menstruation, helps reduce colic, fluid retention, stomach pain, headache and states of sadness and irritability.

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