The onion with honey is used as a home remedy to relieve cough instantly.

When the cough is productive, that is, it is accompanied by mucus, it should not be retained, since it is the body’s way of expelling excess mucus contained in the respiratory tract. On the other hand, when the cough is dry, it is due to a possible irritation or infection that, if not treated in time, can become chronic. Today we mostly look for natural remedies so as not to overload our body with medications.

The natural ingredients have expectorant and soothing properties, therefore, in addition to eliminating phlegm, they calm irritation, while acting as an antibiotic, fighting microorganisms that affect the respiratory tract.

The combination of onion and honey is a well-known natural remedy. In addition to having the particularities mentioned in the previous paragraph, they strengthen the immune system.

Honey is recognized by the World Health Organization as a potential treatment for coughs and colds. Soothes the throat, calming irritations and improving cough symptoms. In addition to having antioxidant properties and increases the production of cytokines in the body.

Onion, for its part, is recognized worldwide as a natural expectorant. It favors the elimination of bacteria and stimulates the cleaning of the respiratory tract. It also has antioxidants, cleansing and detoxifying properties that help control coughs.

These two foods combined are a surefire remedy for coughs and boost the immune system.

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