What is nitrogen?

It is a gas, belonging to the essential elements of the air. It is found in a large percentage in dry air, specifically 78%, and greatly decreases in humid or hot air.

In the periodic table, it is in the 7th place, its letter is “N”, and its atomic number is 14.0067.

What is it for?

It is a gas that contains a large number of services for human beings, they can be technical or even medical.

In the area of medicine , it is used for inhalations in a mixture called “Medicinal metal carbide nitrogen”, which contains 98% of this gas and is sold in tanks. With respect to the industry , its use is purely chemical, and it is used in the distillation of ammonia, it is also used as a cryogenic medium, when producing cooling, when it runs inside a device. On the other hand, in the agriculture sector , by means of this gas, the plants are fed when it is used as a nutrient. The deficiency of this gas, can be observed in the weak leaves and the fruits, poor development of the same.

In a practical way, it is used on the tires of certain cars to lighten and improve fuel consumption, lighten the load and have much less leakage, due to its nature. For quick freezing of products, it is applied in a liquid way. On the other hand, in culinary terms, by using this liquid gas ice cream is made from liqueurs, since it is the only way that alcohol can be frozen.

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