Net Framework is Microsoft’s managed code platform . It consists of a series of tools and libraries, with which programmers can create:

  • Desktop programs for Windows
  • Applications for Windows phone
  • Features for Xbox (Microsoft video game console)
  • Web development
  • Server Applications

It was created by Microsoft, as an alternative to Java programming technology . It allows better compatibility of various applications with the Windows operating system. It offers the user a variety of libraries and is a programming language that allows the design of more applications.

What is the Net Framework for?

Microsoft Net Framework is a software package that can be integrated into the Windows operating system in its various versions. It is responsible for managing and updating, streamlining communication, the graphics of the programs, both from the computer and in the design process.

Net Framework sirve para:

  • Design programs and applications
  • Provide libraries to programmers
  • Help program installation
  • Manage the execution of the programs

Design programs and applications

Framework delivers a set of predefined solutions to the user . These are designed to meet the needs of application and program programming.

It is therefore that there are a large number of programmers who develop their applications for desktop or mobile devices in .Net technology , using the Net Framework. Thus, compatibility with other technologies of the same origin is achieved .

Provide libraries to programmers

Net Framework has libraries in its content that programmers can use to develop their applications . Said libraries collaborate with the compatibility that the finished programs will have with the Windows environment.

Help program installation

Many programs are based on .Net technology. That is why it is necessary to have Net Framework on the computer, so that the installation is optimal, without compatibility constraints. By having it, it is guaranteed that the program will manage to install and function well.

Manage the execution of the programs

Framework is a technology from Microsoft.

Framework is an administrator that ensures the correct execution of programs . The requirement for this function is that the program to be executed has been written with this platform and programming language.

If you do not have the Net Framework, installed in its most recent version, it is likely that execution errors will appear , preventing the use of the programs. This problem usually happens, for example, with video games designed for the Windows operating system, executable on PC, and in games based on the Framework libraries, used on mobile devices.

Other Framework Features

  • It works as a programming language and application, for programmers to develop applications for Windows.
  • He specializes in building, distributing, and running web applications and services.
  • Update and speed up the graphic resources of the device.
  • Supports updating programs.
  • It is also capable of creating applications for the Xbox console.
  • Create server applications.
  • It contributes to the configuration of some programs, intervening with the operating system.
  • Improves the execution of programs within Windows.
  • Participate in Windows security.

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