Excel is a computer program designed by the Microsoft company. It is intended for the creation, modification and management of spreadsheets . It is essential for office jobs, especially in the fields of administration and accounting. Thanks to the wide range of functions and tools that it offers to users, it is useful for a multitude of other fields.Excel works as an arrangement of rows and columns divided by boxes , in which an infinite number of tasks and actions can be carried out more efficiently, such as:

  • Detailed data log
  • Process text
  • Do calculations with math tools
  • Create graphs to capture information

What is Excel for?

Excel is a program that increases the speed in the work of tabulating and organizing information . It is ideal when faced with the need to insert data to handle, interpret and store it . In business settings, where time is the most valuable resource, Excel is the quintessential assistant.

An Excel file is called a “Book” , since it is made up of a series of spreadsheets. It is characterized by having the extension “.xlsx”. The term can be associated with the Journal and Ledger books , indispensable accounting tools.

It serves to:

  • Create tables to record the data
  • Create graphs of the data
  • Sum data in cells
  • Subtract data in cells
  • Multiply data in cells
  • Divide data into cells
  • Raise the data from a box to an exponent
  • Make calendars
  • Create invoice formats
  • Develop schedules, work and school schedules
  • Write and manage accounting reports
  • Calculate project budgets
  • Insert links to related texts or spreadsheets
  • Use pre-designed templates to tabulate information
  • Insert pictures into spreadsheets
  • Edit spreadsheets from other supported programs and platforms, such as Open office, KOffice and Star Office, among others

Register and manage data

Excel spreadsheet

In Excel it is easy to empty information into boxes , to later work on it and interpret it. With its tools, these tasks are more efficient and the result is a neat and understandable table. It is possible to vary the font or letter and its size, and align the numbers in columns.

Graph information

With Excel, you can select a series of data to create a graph from it. It is a way to capture the numerical elements in a visual resource, to understand them faster.

This quality of Excel is very useful in all areas, such as the scientific and the humanities, promoting tasks such as:

  • Registry of populations of microorganisms
  • Study of drugs according to their reaction mechanism
  • Observation of a chemical process, recording the concentrations of the substances
  • Catalog Humanitarian Science Documents

Create templates and formats

With this program, the user can create and modify their own templates, adapted to their needs. It is possible to add automatic functions , such as autosum, which is responsible for delivering the result of a summation , formed by the data entered in a column. The time savings are significant when they come in large quantities.

When the graphs have already been prepared , and they are linked to certain boxes, they will be adjusted automatically when different data is entered.

Link information

Printed Excel table.

Excel allows links to be inserted, to different locations such as:

  • Web page addresses
  • Other spreadsheets on your computer
  • Other spreadsheets in the same Book, with related pictures or graphics

By clicking on the link, you will have immediate access to the corresponding location.

Do calculations with the data in cells

Excel is used to make calculations, entering the data in the cells of the sheets. It has a wide variety of mathematical tools, from autosum to conditional operations.

The user can set these operations to be carried out automatically, by typing the command in the formula bar. It is thus possible to develop lists of stocks, payroll, sales, and many other tabular models.

Thanks to the automation of calculations by means of formulas, it is possible to know their results immediately, during the insertion of the data. The daily operations of a company are thus known. Better yet, the graphs serve as a second piece of evidence for the information.

Excel Background

It is a useful tool in general business administration. In the photo payment form.

This program has as a direct antecedent to the Multiplan name spreadsheets , launched in the 80’s. These had versions that were evolving to the present day. New tools and functions have been added to optimize work.

The name Excel was used in this product for both the Macintosh and Windows versions of the operating system. However, due to copyright problems, in 1993 this program had a name change , becoming Microsoft Excel .

Today, it is referred to as Excel , in general and practical terms. Its versions began in 1987 with Excel 2.0, progressively varying until the present time.

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