The melon , its origin has not yet been defined, many people say that it comes from Central Asia, and others say that it comes from Africa. What you do know is that its greatest growth occurs in hot climates, especially those that are not very humid.

There are different types of melons, and they have several properties, one of which is relevant is those orange-type melons, they provide more beta-carotene in relation to those of the green type.

These are some benefits of melon:

  • Provides a large amount of vitamin A, which helps us to avoid what is dryness, which is usually generated in the mucous membranes and also in our skin
  • In addition, it is an incredible source to provide vitamin E, it is considered a very powerful antioxidant, which can contribute to the prevention of cancer and certain cardiovascular diseases.
  • It is also considered a very diuretic, moreover it has action in the form of a laxative but very mild, in this way the elimination of any type of toxins can be generated, and the acidity will be better neutralized.
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