What is it?

Magnesium, found in the periodic table as Mg, is one of the many chemical elements that exist in the world. It is one of the elements found most in the earth’s crust, constituting 2% of the crust. It is a metal, which is found in combination with other elements and substances. In a natural way, it is found mainly in magnesium salts, being totally oxidizable with other substances combining with them.
In its pure or elemental state, it is a strong, silvery-white, light metal. When it comes into contact with oxygen, it forms a thin layer of oxide that protects it. It is a primary regulator, it acts in various metabolic chemical reactions within the body, due to this it is one of the elements that are very important for life, the body needs a constant supply of this substance.

What is it for?

With respect to the industry , it is a metallic element that is used in the industry due to its chemical and physical properties, being combined with other types of metals, since this metal has properties such as a low density, resistance to corrosion by the layer. rust-proof that it produces. In its pure state it presents excessive fragility, little reluctance to heat and cold. Aluminum and magnesium alloys can be highlighted, where physical properties and other elements are combined, this gives greater strength and lightness to metallic structures.

On the other hand, with respect to our body. There are a large number of biochemical reactions in our body in which magnesium intervenes, due to this it must be ingested by eating foods that contain it for the proper functioning of our body. In addition, it is usually taken when there are cases of magnesium deficiencies.

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