First of all, it is worth pointing out what we are talking about when we refer to an organization chart. It is a figure that graphically represents the organizational structure of a company, where the areas that make up the organization, the authorities, the relationships between them and the staff, the lines and modes of communication, etc. In what follows, what is an organization chart for?

What is an organization chart for?

On the one hand, the organization chart serves to provide information in a schematic, fast and simple way about the different levels of hierarchy that exist in an organization and the relationship between them.

In addition, through it you can know the main departments of the company, how they are distributed, how they are connected and the levels of hierarchy between them.

In this way, just by looking at an organization chart, functions can be assigned to workers, optimizing the efficiency of the company.Already with this tool it is possible to understand how the worker should handle himself, with whom he should communicate with a problem and who has a hierarchy.

Finally, it can also be a key tool in the design and construction of a new company, because it can facilitate the strategy to achieve the objectives.

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