Industrial design, as its name indicates, has to do with a discipline oriented to the development of industrial activities. In the What is it for today we tell you what are the utilities and skills of the knowledge provided by this branch of industrial activity.

What is it and what is it for?

Industrial design is the branch of industrial knowledge dedicated to the creation and invention of industrial products for both the market and capital. Like any activity that design entails, it involves a process of creativity, an idea, which is then embodied in a sketch. In the process of industrial design, in addition to inventive activity, knowledge involving disciplines such as mathematics, physics, chemistry intervenes, and computer science has now been incorporated. Its objective is to develop products that progress in terms of functionality, use of resources, taking into account a certain aesthetic notion typical of design, and always taking into account the needs to which the object is oriented.

It is undoubtedly one of the fields of knowledge that has developed the most and gained importance with the industrial revolution and the exponential advance of technology. Currently, there is a university career dedicated to training professionals in this field, with a presence in several countries.

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