iCloud is Apple’s “cloud” storage service, it has a capacity of 5GB, and it is the Apple brand tool that allows us to store all kinds of content in this “cloud” so that they are available in any of Apple devices owned by a user. It is very useful for those users who have several Apple devices, since in this way it allows them to access their files in a much more direct way.

What is it for?

One of the main functions is to store data, be it from images, videos, audios, text files, etc. With this tool, it will allow us to save various data or entertainment files, as well as transfer them to our various Apple devices. On the other hand, it allows us to make backup copies of files, photos or all our contacts stored in the devices in the “cloud”, that is, it works something like a kind of virtual disk to be able to save data from one or more of the devices that has the same user. This service has very important tools such as the “find my iPhone” function, which allows us to locate one of our devices that is lost.

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