Green tea, originally from Asian countries, has more than beneficial properties for the functioning of our body.

Properties and benefits:

it is a great natural antioxidant, prevents premature aging of all body tissues, favors the loss of excess fluid from the body, and thus prevents inflammation, heaviness and tingling of the legs. It also helps you lose weight as it reduces the accumulation of fat  in the liver and is a good thermogenic agent. And, as if that were not enough, it also collaborates with the reduction of the cholesterol level.
Regularly drinking a few cups of this ancient infusion reduces the risk of cardiovascular accidents, breast, lung, stomach, colon and prostate cancer. It also helps maintain balance in the nervous system, strengthens bones, prevents obesity, strengthens memory, stimulates the immune system, prevents asthma, reduces the risk of stress, prevents cavities, relieves allergies, and its benefits continue. since it is also good for diabetes, protects against Parkinson’s disease and prevents hypertension.

These are some of its properties, as more are discovered every day.


Taking about three infusions per day you can access its benefits, and what better than these cold days to have a delicious green tea !.

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Dr. Samantha Robson ( CRN: 0510146-5) is a nutritionist and website content reviewer related to her area of ​​expertise. With a postgraduate degree in Nutrition from The University of Arizona, she is a specialist in Sports Nutrition from Oxford University and is also a member of the International Society of Sports Nutrition.

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