The glycerin , known in organic chemistry such as glycerol , is a molecule which derive triglycerides , essential part of pure fats of some animals and plants. It is also produced at an industrial level from oil.Its condensed formula is C 3 H 8 O 3 , and it is cataloged as a polyol , a compound with several hydroxyl groups; In other words, a multiple alcohol . It is an odorless liquid with a sweet taste, which when it reaches its boiling point it becomes a gelatinous material that takes time to become liquid again.Depending on its nature, glycerin can be classified into:

  • Synthetic glycerin: made in a process whose raw material is petroleum. It is not used to create products for human consumption.
  • Vegetable glycerin, natural or pure: it is obtained from the fat of animals and vegetables. It can even be ingested and there will be no risk to the person.

What is glycerin for?

Glycerin is an interesting liquid in the physical and chemical aspects. It is hygroscopic , that is, it is capable of retaining water molecules in its structure. Exposed to the outside, it will absorb moisture, until it reaches a final state.

When it reaches that final invariable state, which is equilibrium, its weight will contain 20% water . It is this absorption capacity that makes glycerin a very popular liquid in different areas. In addition, it is its viscosity (resistance to flow) that makes it a very versatile substance.

Glycerin is used to:

  • Lubricate automotive components
  • make cosmetics
  • Moisturize and care for the skin
  • Moisturize and repair dry hair
  • Avoid bad odors in the home
  • Elaboration of crafts

Lubricate automotive components

Synthetic glycerin, which comes from oil, is compatible with applications in hydraulic systems, and serves as a key ingredient in the production of fluids to lubricate engines , fluids for hydraulic transmission, among others.

make cosmetics

Glycerin is a perfect base that can resist moisture and balance other natural components that do not affect human skin. This liquid is added in the manufacture of commercial soaps, toothpastes, lipsticks and body creams.

Moisturize and care for the skin

Pure glycerin, dissolved in a little water, helps to hydrate the skin, since when distributed over it, it forms a layer that transfers the water from the mixture to the pores of the epidermis. This eliminates dryness.

This simple and inexpensive method can be used on all skin types , even combination and oily ones. However, if abnormalities or reactions are noted, it is better to discontinue the use of glycerin, and consult a dermatologist.

So far, no damage has been recorded in any user due to the use of glycerin with water, as long as it is natural glycerin.

Moisturize and repair dry hair

Glycerin is used for beauty care.

Due to its water absorption mechanism, glycerin is used after each shower, distributed throughout the hair. This practice helps the moisture remain, enriching the scalp.

In order not to diminish this effect, it is advisable to start by drying the hair without a dryer , just pressing the hair with the towel, and then generously distribute the glycerin in a mixture with water. The purpose of combining it is to lighten its viscosity and make it manageable.

The glycerin molecules are allowed to settle in all capillary regions, and the procedure is done. Repeating this will result in more manageable and silky hair, with better body.

Avoid bad odors in the home

In the home, the hygroscopic property of glycerin is used to absorb bad odors from the environment. For this, a container with enough glycerin is obtained and it is left without a lid in the corners or places that present this persistent humidity problem.

Glycerin will start its activity naturally, and will attract humidity from the environment , which is a potential generator of fungi and unpleasant odors . For the effect to last longer, it is necessary to regularly change the glycerin in the container, which will be increasingly saturated with water.

As a consequence, the environment will feel free from excessive humidity and bad odors. The air that is breathed in these parts of the home will be perceived, by the way, lighter and cleaner, since it is no longer impregnated with water particles, which by nature retain foul-smelling gases.

Elaboration of crafts

Glycerin is used as a natural base for soaps that are created in artisan workshops. Glycerin is perfect for this use, since it can be cold molded without any harm to the user. It is, due to its ease of use, the preferred craft for therapy in hyperactive children and older adults .

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